Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community Watch: Riverside Park Vandalized!

     Earlier last week, Riverside Park sustained a significant amount of criminal damage. Vandals destroyed the stone work on a park entrance sign on Crowley Avenue along with a stone park bench. Recently planted trees were also torn out of the ground and a Port-a-potty was also flipped over and broken. Several bleachers were damaged and flipped over along with a large sign used by the football league. The vandals also left graffiti all across the park. Anyone with information regarding the vandalism of the park is asked to contact the police.

     Riverside Park is a shared asset that benefits the Riverside community and the City of Buffalo at large. The park is a popular place for sports and recreation in the area. In recent years the Conservancy has enhanced the football field with a grant from the National Football League and the Buffalo Bills. It is up to the community who patronizes and benefit from the park to see that Riverside is maintained as a kid-friendly place free from crime and destruction. Those with information regarding the vandalism are asked to contact the Buffalo City Police tip line, (716)847-2255, and or the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, (716)838-1249.

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