Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Golf Tournament!

Delaware Park Meadows Golf Course

Sunday, January 16, 2011    11:00AM – 3:00PM
Cost:  $5 per golfer - $10 per team
TO SIGN-UP, Contact Dave Hoover @ 838-1249, x19 or email:

Snow Golf Rules:  “HAVE FUN!!”

Game Play
-         3 hole course (Delaware Pk. holes 2, 9 & 10).  Golfers will play two rounds
for a 6 hole total score.
-         Two player teams using “Best Ball” format to earn one score per hole.  (Max. 8
strokes per hole).
    -   Teams will be paired for honor scoring.

Regular Play
-         Only 3 clubs allowed per team.  (Steel shaft recommended due to cold temperatures).  If use a putter as 1 of your clubs, any shaft is okay.  BOPC Golf will provide a selection of clubs for those who do not wish to use their own. 
-         Pink platform tennis balls (provided by BOPC Golf) will be used.  If lost a $2 replacement fee must be paid for your team to continue. 
-         Mark your own ball in an identifiable manner.  Play your own ball.
-         Players may create/build a “Tee” (out of snow) on the tee box only.
-         Winter rules are in effect.  You may lift, clean and place ball back down.  Ball must be placed within 1 foot of original lie no closer to the hole.

Greens Play
-         Poles with flag identifies each green / hole.
-         NO Grooving or Trenching of snow to form ball channel is allowed. 
-         Holes themselves will be 16” in diameter marked by a deflated bicycle tube.

-         Final score tie-breaker will be closest to the pin shoot-out once all teams have completed the last hole.
-         Each team will select one player.
-         All selected players will hit at the same time & closest to the hole wins the tie.

All other standard PGA golfing regulations apply.

In case of any Disagreements, ALL decisions by the BOPC Golf are final.

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